Let Urban Plantations ensure your garden produces bountiful harvests of organic, delicious fruits and vegetables. A leader in San Diego's "Urban Farming" movement, we will make your edible gardening dreams come true whether it's one raised bed of family favorites in your backyard, or a luscious farm at your corporate campus.
Food Waste and Hunger in San Diego – We Can All Help!


Residential Organic Gardening – We’ll create and maintain an organic, productive, customized garden and orchard just for you with the fruits and vegetables you want to eat!

Corporate Gardens – We can help you join America’s most innovative green companies by improving the quality of life for your employees with a beautiful, edible landscape that produces weekly harvests for your cafeteria.

Assisted Living Gardens – From the beautiful scenery to educational classes, edible landscaping in assisted living homes has a positive impact on all it’s residents!

Restaurant Gardens – We create and maintain restaurant gardens that grow fresh, seasonal, and organic produce to provide you with the finest ingredients for a unique menu and an unforgettable dining experience.


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